Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

A gift to you, on this special day. A miraculous fable, entitled The Girl With The Green Tinted Hair. Part One, "Spring". A young boy's first love.

Click here, for the YouTube link to "Spring"

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

A f-f-f-r-r-rigid beginning to 2018

While sitting on the Loo, as one does, several times a day, I spied this beautiful gift from the spirit world. We've had frigid weather for 13 days since Christmas. It's between two sheets of double glazing. I saw it a few days ago, then it was just a few squiggles and it has developed into this incredible design.

I took it as a sign. To branch out. To spread my wings in all directions. No limitations. Follow my passions. Do less of what isn't working and more of what is. Thanks to my Guru, who keeps sending me messages, and the world for holding me in it's arms. Namaste.

My Dedication for 2018

I'm not going to wait for time, I'm going to make it
I'm not going to wait for love , I'm going to feel it.
I'm not going to wait for money, I'm going to provide value and earn it.
I'm not going to wait for the path to open up before me , I'm going to find it.
I'm not going to wait for opportunity to knock on my door, I'm going to create it .
I'm not going to go for less. I'm going to get the Best.
I'm not going to compare myself to others.
I'm going to be my own unique “authentic” self.
I'm not going to fight my misfortune anymore. I'm going to transform it.
I'm not going to avoid Failure. I'm going to DO and Do and DO again, and use it.
I'm not going to dwell on my mistakes. I'm going to learn from them
I won't back down! I'll go around!
I won't close my eyes. I'll open my Mind.
I won't run from life. I'm going to embrace it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I saw a bear...Where? In Cana-dare

Dear Friends-  I've been on my travels, and saw a Bear.

It is the third bear I've seen since I came to live here in America (actually two in America, one in Canada), so this may one day become my story. How I grew up. A "Three Bears" story. I'll keep you posted.


Here's a review by Jim Pathfinder Ewing:

On Dragonfly Wing
s may be the least threatening, most

touching and thoughtful explorations of past life
regression a reader can experience. Starting with the
death of her brother, Daniela Norris follows her heart
 to find what she already intuitively knows: We
maintain connections with those we love who
have gone before and we will meet again.
We have only to listen, and to remember.
In this outstanding, concise, easily readable

book, Norris provides a remarkable journey
into this 'remembering.' She melts the barriers
between life and death in a gentle, loving way.
Through her experiences, and with tears and laughter,

Norris guides us toward our inner selves and helps
us remember who we truly are.

Jim PathFinder Ewing, author of Reiki Shamanism:

A Guide to Out-of-Body Healing and Conscious
Food: Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating

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Monday, September 11, 2017

A Day of Remembrance, Hope and Prayers

Taken by me from Newark Airport last year on my way to Chloe's workshop on Cortes Island BC.
Today (9-11-2017) I remember all those who have left this life, as I feel their loss and their pain.

I am reminded of my two eldest sisters- one departed, one still enjoying some of her life.  I remember a time in 1944,  as a little girl, being taken by my two sisters to "The Sampson and Hercules" Dance Hall in Norwich, England, for an afternoon Tea Dance.  I sat in the balcony and watched them jive to big bands, and occasionally they would get up and sing with the female singers. Songs like Accentuate the Positive, and Sisters ("Sisters, There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters").  Today for the first time,  I remembered the feeling of that little girl. Felt that feeling so vividly, and started singing those songs. Moving my body in ways I haven't experienced for a long time.

WHY???? WHY NOW?  I'm taking a workshop with Chloë Goodchild  (what a fabulous name)
based on her book The Naked Voice- Transforming your Life though The Power of Sound. This particular workshop is called "Liberate the Voice of Your Soul".  70 years of life has given me voice-manufactured through survival and adapting to life. Putting on a voice (Face) to fit into the world and my life.

I have done extremely well at telling other peoples stories- on the stage, and narrating their stories. Now it's time for me to tell mine.  I'm not sure how to begin. This is a beginning, I guess. And I have to go back maybe to the beginning of my life, even before I was conceived.

So my thoughts go with all of you who are worried about the Hurricane, The Fires, the Tragedies of your lives. Maybe together we can find the Still Small Voice of Joy, inside us.

Next Time.  Here is the cover of my latest narration audiobook, out soon.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


A newly-released book, The Atlantic Coffee House Tales- This is a book full of tales that are somewhat different than usual and were all written while drinking coffee in The Atlantic Coffee House, Cardiff.

The Poem- Dean Moriarty takes you on his journey of life.

Monday, August 7, 2017


This is the month my birth (Leo) and also a reminder of all those in my life who have passed on, yet forever in my memory.
Here is a wonderful new book which helps all who listen to it, to come to terms with their grief. To experience the joy and the hope of love .  The spirit of the universe in all of us.
Happy was the day of my birth. Joyful to be with you today as we travel down this new journey together.  May your lives go well.

If you want this book, click HERE, which takes you to Audible.com

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dear Friends- Oliver! was a huge success for the whole cast, and a wonderful return to the theater for me.

It also gave me a new insight into what I'm truly passionate about- ME! And the study of myself. WHO AM I?  when I'm not in the skin of another character. An endless search and one that always leads me to a question.  WHAT IS MY PASSION?

So, today's passion is a new book by Dean Moriarty called "THE POEM".  Don't be put off by the simple cover. Soon it will be available as a whisper  sync on Audible, with beautiful color photos inside, as you travel on this journey with me.  In the meantime, click on the links below for a little taste of what's to come.

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Click HERE for a sample "Dust of a Lion", from THE POEM, by Dean Moriarty 

Click HERE for a sample "Where You Are Hidden", also from THE POEM, by Dean Moriarty