Friday, April 1, 2016

My Guruship is sailing- TODAY (Friday) ONLY

To all loyal readers of my Blog- announcing, TODAY ONLY, (and please note the date, in case you are reading this on a delayed basis, and therefore have missed out) I am offering all my readers a "Guru To You Too" chant and mantra, which will bring you Peace ,  Harmony , Gratitude- and especially- a free downloadable code so that you can get a download of any one of my audiobook narration projects...just email me at lindasnarration@gmail.com, and you can receive my special blessing: a GURU TO YOU TOO, for today only- the date is important- I will send you the codes and instructions on how to join Audible.com for free if you haven't already, and you can then select one of my narrated audiobooks, and follow the instructions I send you, insert the code- and the full version will download to your computer!

Blessings to all my friends, my audiobook family- a GURU TO YOU, TOO!

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