Monday, September 11, 2017

A Day of Remembrance, Hope and Prayers

Taken by me from Newark Airport last year on my way to Chloe's workshop on Cortes Island BC.
Today (9-11-2017) I remember all those who have left this life, as I feel their loss and their pain.

I am reminded of my two eldest sisters- one departed, one still enjoying some of her life.  I remember a time in 1944,  as a little girl, being taken by my two sisters to "The Sampson and Hercules" Dance Hall in Norwich, England, for an afternoon Tea Dance.  I sat in the balcony and watched them jive to big bands, and occasionally they would get up and sing with the female singers. Songs like Accentuate the Positive, and Sisters ("Sisters, There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters").  Today for the first time,  I remembered the feeling of that little girl. Felt that feeling so vividly, and started singing those songs. Moving my body in ways I haven't experienced for a long time.

WHY???? WHY NOW?  I'm taking a workshop with Chloë Goodchild  (what a fabulous name)
based on her book The Naked Voice- Transforming your Life though The Power of Sound. This particular workshop is called "Liberate the Voice of Your Soul".  70 years of life has given me voice-manufactured through survival and adapting to life. Putting on a voice (Face) to fit into the world and my life.

I have done extremely well at telling other peoples stories- on the stage, and narrating their stories. Now it's time for me to tell mine.  I'm not sure how to begin. This is a beginning, I guess. And I have to go back maybe to the beginning of my life, even before I was conceived.

So my thoughts go with all of you who are worried about the Hurricane, The Fires, the Tragedies of your lives. Maybe together we can find the Still Small Voice of Joy, inside us.

Next Time.  Here is the cover of my latest narration audiobook, out soon.

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