Friday, January 8, 2016

Working Once More

I know that all of you out there appreciate the spoken word, and hearing quality narrated work. A very successful, very experienced Narrator, Tavia Gilbert, describes the process in this way: "Being told a story is a very intimate, tender experience, and no matter what age we are, we need that deep, human connection". Thank you, Tavia Gilbert, for expressing that feeling so well!

One of my recently completed projects is The Girl With The Green Tinted Hair, by  Gavin Whyte. "Click" on the cover design on the right side of this Blog up above to read more and to purchase an audio copy....

It was a pleasure working on this amazing tale of life and longing and wonder, and here is how the author expressed himself about our collaboration:

The Girl With the Green Tinted Hair: Imagine being in your PJs, your fingers wrapped around a cup of hot chocolate, you're next to an open fire and your grandma begins to tell you a magical tale. That's what this is like. Linda Roper, the narrator, did a great job. Ideal for kids and adults alike - especially before bedtime!

(Gavin Whyte's LinkedIn page post about me narrating the "TGWTGTH" book)-

I wish all my Blog readers a happy journey with my narrated books, and life!


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