Friday, March 18, 2016

Work comes in twos

It appears that my audiobook narration assignments come in twos lately- I am currently working on two audiobooks at once, and intend to finish both of them next week- and meanwhile I accepted two new projects, which I have to produce the first 15 minutes of for each- also next week-- so I'll be pretty involved and engrossed in my work for this period.

But I love it! I am narrating work that I believe in, that appeals to me, and that I think has a "voice". Click on the book cover art over to the right for The Girl With The Green Tinted Hair, by Gavin Whyte, for example, or Life You Are The Master, by Zakir Hossain....listen to the brief audio sample, or, better yet- Email me (lindasnarration@gmail.com) and ask for a free gift code, and instructions on how to get the full version of these flowing, lyrical, dreamlike works; downloaded to your very own computer, for your very own listening pleasure....

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